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Fascia release

Perfect for everyone, especially for those who do a lot of sports.

Not so long ago fasciae were considered as an unimportant part of our body and were mostly ignored. Today we know that fasciae run through our entire body, giving us shape and structure. They act as a link between the muscles and bones and are mostly composed of different collagens, mainly water and spandex. As a result, fascia tissue has an influence on our whole organism, including body sculpting, flexibility and stability of the musculoskeletal system. 

Movement, drinking enough water and massage therapy help to keep connective (fascia) tissue hydrated and mobile. A fascia massage is an effective wellness concept that gently loosens adhered fascia, which can support and optimize the health of the entire musculoskeletal system in the long term. 

60 min – 60€

Fascia massage serves and helps:

  • to free up muscles
  • to stimulate blood circulation
  • to restore the elasticity of the body
  • to improve flexibility
  • to allow easier and more effective movement
  • to restore physical balance
  • to release adhesions of the fasciae
  • to relieve pain
  • for an optimal oxygen supply in the muscles
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