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Foot reflexology

Your feet carry you all day. Give them a treat – relaxation

Already in ancient civilizations the feet played an important role. Since then the knowledge of the positive effects of foot massage has grown and was used to promote and to improve health and to relax the body. Reflexology is a holistic method in which the reflex points located on the feet are treated using a special massage technique. The feet reflect all organs and body areas of human being. By stimulating different points at the foot an increased blood flow to the organs can be achieved and influence on other body areas can be taken. The foot treatment mobilizes the body’s own self-healing powers and the overall well-being is harmonized.

30 min – 30€

Benefits of foot massages:

  • improves blood circulation
  • lowers blood pressure
  • stimulates muscles
  • reduces tension and often eases pain
  • prevents injuries of foot & ankle
  • gives a sense of balance and wellbeing
  • reduces anxiety and depression
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